Dancing Queen Supply Co.

  • 826 Charlotte, NC - Dancing Queen Supply Co.
    For this project, the objective was to brand a fictitious store based on the 826 National brand model. 826 National stores - located in cities across the US - are quirky and fun novelty shops in the front, and after school tutoring centers for local kids in the back.
    Following this model, I researched Charlotte, NC extensively and brainstormed a concept for a store that would fit in the city. My 826 National store for Charlotte is rooted in the south's love for dancing as well as the fact that North Carolina has it's own state dances (the Carolina Shag and clogging). The store itself encompasses all forms of dance, but the identity was inspired by the rustic, flat footed-ness of line dancing that's popular in the south.
    The identity system includes:
    -business card, letterhead, and envelope
    -Anti-Diva Pills
    -Insta Heel foot healing lotion
    -Boogie Fever Energy Drink
  • 826 Charlotte complete identity system on display at CCS.
  • Hand-stamped business card and letterhead.