Video Content: DCI Internship

  • (Safari has a tendency to not show embedded videos. I suggest Google Chrome.)
  • For this project, I was asked to edit a commercial from provided footage and graphics. Additionally, I added rotoscope animation to amp up the end slate. This newsy, montage-style piece was the most common style of work that I produced for my internship at Drum Corps International. After most every show, a news piece was expectedt to be published either the night of the performance or the morning after. 
  • This piece is part of a three part series I came up with. With the help of my partner, Matt Malabonga, we shot the initial interview, and I shot b-roll of the judge and managed the GoPro camera attached to him. From there, I editied a piece exposing the ins and outs of judging while giving the fans a taste of the live commentary. 
  • A light-hearted interview with DCI Drum Majors. With my partner, Matt Malabonga, we asked the tough questions and got some pretty funny answers. I was responsible for editing this piece. We developed this piece and several others to expose a more personable side of drum corps leadership. 
  • I came up with this more artistic concept for DCI when looking for creative ways to incorporate the GoPro camera into our work. 
  • An example of time-lapses that were done throughout the summer (and of me braving the catwalk!).
  • Just me being in the right place at the right time. This is the victory encore performed by the winning corps at DCI World Championships—the performace of a lifetime—and I managed to get the camera on just in time the capture it. By far, the most viewed video that I published this summer—nearly 90,000 views in the first two weeks posted!