the face palette: givenchy

  • f/w 2013 makeup
    I was asked by Marcus Kan, contributor to Swide by Dolce and Gabbana online magazine and creator of Draw a Dot, to feature some of this year's runway makeup. For each look I created a character based on what the styling reminds me of. I took that inspiration and placed them in a relating time period but with a modern take to play off the makeup that is in style now. There will be 4 looks for this series, one featured each month.
    Look 1: Givenchy
    This look reminded me of 18th century France with the tight curls and neutral makeup. I was inspired by Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette which took the same idea but played up the fashion by using bright colors. This time period was full of lavish ornamentation so I wanted her to look luxurious and indulgent and what's more indulgent than some sweet treats?