Visual Campaign "Born x Raised & Union LA"

  •    Artistic Entrepreneurs Akhil Sesh & Sir Fawn have chosen a befitting example of the trendsetting rebellious attitudes that resonate within themselves as the focus of their latest hyper realistic collaboration.
    Sir Fawn's unique futuristic interpretation of Alex 2 Tone and Chris Gibbs latest recipe with the Born X Raised & Union LA collaboration is the perfect blend of Japanese Samurai rawness and LA West Coast vibes. 
    "Our goal whenever we approach Art is to explore new realms of creative expression by pushing boundaries & this Image series definitely transports one into a higher plane." - says Akhil Sesh who has produced an audio accompaniment  "Born Gods Live ___"  to further symbolize the theme of this project:
    Evident thru their work, impeccable quality is something that these Artists take seriously. Expect to be inundated with plenty more to come.
  • Born Gods Live ___
  • Credits:
    Sir Fawn: Photography, Editing
    Akhil Sesh:  Model, Audio Production