BuyBuyBABY Email Program

  • Client: BuyBuyBABY
    Art Director: Tom Bosch
    To acquire BuyBuyBABY as a client three offices of PureRED created samples of work we would be able to supply for them as a client, as well as creating a 12-month strategy for the email blasts. Our office was charged with creating more special emails, instead of the weekly product email, we thought outside the box and created emails using customer interaction through media sharing outlets like Pinterest and Facebook, and also engaging the readers with contests. I was given the new bbB brand guidelines and created two emails featuring our ideas as well as a fresh simple look that they were currently lacking. I was inspired by current emails that are more photo focused and clean and airy, there are less products in emails from high end retail outlets and they push more of the life their products help create. I wanted to inject more personality to the emails, but also tried to include products which were requested by the client. I also created many different headers as well as additional graphics for our presentation in order to show how the look could translate over different media. My main focus on the emails was to not look like a weekly ad/insert, but be more focused on getting a click-through from the email to engage the reader, not focus on individual product links.
  • Responsive Bathtime Email Design
  • Bathtime email landing page
  • Adaptive Gear Email Design