Detroit Art Book Fair

  • 2014 Detroit Art Book Fair
  • The way the interfaces are set up is that there is a defferent expereince for before the event and during the
    event in order to present the most relevant information to the user at all times. For the before part of the event
    I focused on showcasing the books, and making it easy for a vendor to rent a table. For the during part I just focused
    on trying to augment the experience of being at the book fair, that was't too distracting from what you
    are actually there for. In addition to supporitng the independent artist trying to sell their books
  • Before
  • Who says you can’t judge a book by its cover
  • In fact that’s probably the first point of contact anyone will have with a book. It is in that moment precisely at that moment that you decide wether a book is good to look at or not. Of course the actual content of the books is important too, but its the cover that draws you in. Knowing this I designed  the interface to stay out of the way for the most part in order for you to focus on the covers and letting them attract the user instead of loud visual elements
  • Pick out your own library for later
  • One of the main goals of purchasing books is to create your own library. Which sort of becomes an extension of your identity, your library communicates what you’re into and what kind of book collector you are. So you can queue up a list of books for purchase now or later. Its like builidng your own library connection, which you can share with others so that they can see what’s in your library and you can see what is in their’s.
  • During
  • Book Scanner App
  • One of the most importanting things about this event is supporting the indepentednt artists and publishers. So one of the things I realized is that when at the event, there are a lot of books to look at. It can become
    a sort of overwhelming experience, in a good way. But in order to simplify the experience I created this book scanner app. The idea of it is that you can scan the books