Senior Art Show at College for Creative Studies

  • Bolero Jacket: Screen printed and hand dyed, raw silk with full linning. Hand embroidery using gold metallic thread and hand sewn pink glass beads to accent design.  
    Size: 4-10 womens
    For Sale: 500.00
  • Japanese Kimono: One of a kind print created with indigo dye. Shibori hand dyed 100% linen.
    For Sale: 300.00
  • Hand Woven Shawl: 100% mercerized cotton.
    Inspiration: Beautiful gradations of colors were Inspired by my colorful mexican heritage.
    For Sale: 350.00
  • Hand Woven Jacket: 100% rayon, hand woven, and shibori dyed to create this gorgeous mixture of colors.
    "Fully lined and very warm" This jacket is a vintage replica with various alterations. 
    For Sale: 600.00 
    Size 14 jacket
  • Pancho: Hand woven 100% rayon. This pattern is called an overshot that used 2 shuttles of 2 different color yarns to achieve this sharp crisp pattern that compliments this panch. The frog closures were pigment hand dyed to match the peach color of yarn used. Fully lined and very warm. 
    For Sale: 400.00 
  • Mirella Jacket: Silk screen pigment printing on 100% raw silk. Hand sewn green glass beads. This piece was inspired by my best friend who converted to the muslim way of life. These designs are my interpretations of the swirls and loops found on the Quran. 
    Not For Sale