senior thesis images for College For Creative Studies, photography department
  • Myimages are a mix of contemporary portraiture and narrative fashion. In thisseries I wanted to relate the images in a non-literal narrative. An ambiguousfeeling is present in most of my images and, as in most contemporary fashionphotography, the idea of an emotionally strong portrait coming from anambiguous photograph is a bit of a contradiction. I like the feeling I get froma fashion photograph that isn’t so literal. For me, looking at a subject thatis more ambiguous leads me to a feeling of empathy. It doesn’t have to be adeep feeling; even just the feeling of existing is enough. The clothes, thecolors, the relation of the model to the environment, these are all importantelements that tie the images together. I included rich colors and paired imagesaccording to visual details. Fashion is in our everyday and aspires from everypart of our environments. By pairing the images into “sets” I want the viewerto look beyond fashion and grasp a deeper meaning, a lifestyle, an attitude, astory and a way of being.