AIGA Gain Conference Book

  • The binding for the book was done by hand, and was to be different from a traditional conference booklet binding. The cover was lazer cut to help emphasize the negative space theme i have through out the book.
  • Using negative space "cut outs" to demonstrate space in a new form. Every section was lazer cut, to help the handler of the book know what section they were on the entire time.
  • Postcard Design for the conference, backside.
  • Lanyard design. This piece consists of the name tag, short schedule, and map of the conference.
  • AIGA Gain Conference 2012
    Concept a Book, Postcard, and Lanyard Name tag for the 2012 AIGA Gain Conference in New York. 

    The Concept: What if we can create new means of navigating through a space? When we think of "space", we don't likely consider the negative space. For the 2012 AIGA Conference GAIN, I had wanted to show the power of new navigation techniques through negative space.