the face palette: prada

  • f/w 2013 makeup
    I was asked by Marcus Kan, contributor to Swide by Dolce and Gabbana online magazine and creator of Draw a Dot, to feature some of this year's runway makeup. For each look I created a character based on what the styling reminds me of. I took that inspiration and placed them in a relating time period but with a modern take to play off the makeup that is in style now. There will be 4 looks for this series, one featured each month.
    Look 2: Prada
    The styling for this look was first inspired by the hair. The high gloss wet look reminded me of the ocean and mermaids. The red wine stained lip feel and nude eyeshadow, paired with the waves of the hair brought on a 1920's vibe. It feels very flapper esque to me. The champagne coupe is meant to represent this time period, while the shells give hints at mermaid symbolism, and the pearls incorporate both.