Paper that Protects the People

  • CW: Zachary Blumstein
    AD: Christine McGhie 
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    Meet Majipa Lakhey.
    The Protector of the People. 
  • He is said to live in the forest of the Himalayas.
    The same forest that Li paper comes from.
    For every piece of hand-made paper you buy
    10% goes to help build schools, roads,
    and provide clean water to the communities in Nepal. 
  • Christine McGhie loves crafting masks.
    What makes her art original is that it makes a cultural statement as well. In the past she made a mask for Día De La Muertos, a Mexican holiday that translates to Day of the Dead. Typically, they are traditional candy skull masks, a staple in Mexican culture.
    Recently, she started a new project in her Asian Art History Class. She has a passion for Nepalese mythology. “I have always been interested in monsters and folklore,” she said. She also mentioned her favorite medium: Lama Li Paper, which she uses to write and draw on.

    A Story on Li Paper Means More
    The tradition rooted in the paper is culturally relevant. The paper grows in the mountains and is made out of the bark of the Lokta bush.  The Nepalese people walk into the forest and collect this unique bark by hand. The paper is then cooked twice, and then crushed by a flat rock.

    The paper makes for the perfect craft paper. The long fibers of the plant make the paper very durable. When you tug at it, it tugs back. But what’s really inspiring are the colors it comes in. It’s nothing like printing paper; the texture has a tasteful pop to it.
    A Monster Provided Strength

    Christine crafted a mask made from Li paper that showed her passion for traditional folklore and monsters. In fact, Majipa Lakhey, the subject of her mask, lived in the same forest that Li Paper comes from. According to legend, a creature called a Lakhey fell in love with the princess of Majipa. The king wasn’t too fond of this carnivorous beast, but there were other Lakheys attacking the village. The king offered Majipa Lakhey room and board if he promised to protect the city from other demons.
    You can be like the Majipa Lakey and protect something important.
    Your purchase of Li Paper helps the people of Nepal. When the paper goes to market, 10% goes to the people. This strong paper helps a resilient nation that heavily relies on their farms to support them and recently achieved autonomy from China who supported them for many years.

    A Guardian Made By YOU
    Page 1
    According to legend, Majipa Lahkey lives in the same forest that Li Paper comes from.
    Because he loved the King of Majipa’s daughter, he made promised to his community that this Monster would protect his people forever. 
    Page 2
    Lets bring your own one-of-a-kind guardian of the Nepalese people to life with Lama Li Lokta’s vibrant paper. Full of REDS, ORANGES, YELLOWS, PINKS, WHITES, BLACKS, GOLDS. These are the colors that will make your Lakhey stand out . 
    We also gave you all the necessary tools to create your guardian including: a molding mask, molding clay, and a red wig. All you need is mod podge, yellow paint, small paintbrush, a hot glue gun with glue sticks, newspaper, and masking tape. 
    Page 3
    To create your demon, start by covering the given face mask with newspaper. Then make sure the newspaper is flat with masking tape.
    Next, take molding clay and shape Majipa’s nose, his coarse eyes, and his protruding fangs. As you can see Lama Li Locta paper come in a multitude of brilliant colors. Take the vibrant red Lama Li paper and cut it into strips and dip into the modge podge; it should cover entire his entire face. Don’t worry about the paper getting wet. Lama Li paper is known for its strength. Be sure to let your being dry overnight. 
    Once dry use the same red paper and cover the entire face. Seal the mask with mod podge and then let it dry again.
    Page 4
    Take the rest of Lama Li colors and using modge podge add your own touch to your demon however you desire. Seal mod podge over the mask and then let it dry. Now apply the red wig and your demon is complete.