Try Some Lunchables

  • You've Grown up
    But your lunch doesn't have to.
  • You’ve been stuck at your desk
    eating the same sandwich, some fruit
    and chips for the last week.
    Okay, maybe your co-workers will
    convince you to go out for a bite to eat.
    But you know that 99% of the time
    is spent at your desk.

    Lunchables will not change where you eat,
    but it will be easier to pack.
    All you have to do
    is toss the box into your briefcase.
    It’s quality food hand-made by you.
    You can make real pizza,
    nachos, tacos, and chicken tenders.
    Options that will spice up your lunch.

    And yes, we know the portions tend to be small.
    However, at only $3.50 a box
    you can always afford to buy more than one.
    Maybe it’s time to ditch the leftovers
    and fit that box into your briefcase.
  • Video:
    We are in an office with hundreds of cubicles.
    The ceiling cracks, a bagged sandwich falls from above right onto the desk of the worker.
    The camera starts to move back slowly.
    Old chicken bones, lasagna, cup-a-ware, spaghetti,
    sandwiches, and other remnants of bagged lunches
    start falling from the ceiling.
    Soon the man is covered from head to toe.
    A shot cuts to a kid staring at the office worker.
    He is holding a box of Lunchables.
    Visually the kid looks larger than the office worker
    like he is in charge.
    Then we see the man’s hand coming out of the pile
    reaching for the Lunchables.
    Super: Try Some Lunchables.
  • AUDIO:
    SFX: Typing, phones ringing, and normal office sounds.
    SFX: The ceiling cracks
    Music: Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture starting at 13:54-14:20

    Kid: Have you tried lunchables?
  • AUDIO:
    Peter Pan: Are you ready for today’s lesson?
    Kids: Yes Peter Pan!
    Peter Pan: Listen to your teacher. Repeat after me: (cue music for “I Won’t Grow Up”)
    Peter Pan: I won’t grow up,
    Kids: I won’t grow up.
    Peter Pan: I don’t want to wear a tie.
    Kids: I don’t want to wear a tie.
    Peter Pan: And a serious expression.
    Kids: And a serious expression.
    Peter Pan: In the middle of July.
    Kids: In the middle of July.
    Peter Pan: And if it means I must prepare to shoulder burdens with a worried air,
    I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up.
    Peter Pan: Not me!
    Kid 1: Not I.
    Peter Pan: Not me!
    (Change music to jarring minor key)
    Adult: Not me? I will grow up!
    Kids: I will grow up?
    Adult: I will always go to work.
    Kids: I will always go to work?
    Adult: Just to be an ugly parrot.
    Kids: Just to be an ugly parrot?
    Adult: And follow all the rules.
    Kids: And follow all the rules?
    Adult: If growing up means it will be beneath my dignity (slows down awkwardly) to eat the same thing.
    (music stops) I won’t grow up, never grow up, never grow up. Not me!
    Announcer: Just cause you’ve grown up doesn’t mean your lunch has to.
    Try something different with Lunchables. This has been a message sponsored by Lunchables.