Sagmeister Book Series

  • Stephan Sagmeister is a popular designer based in NYC.
    I wrote an extensive research paper on Sagmeister, and studied his process’s very closely. The goal in the end was to do a project inspired by Sagmeisters work, and or his process of working. I decided to make a series of installments inspired by  his process, and book series “Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far”. During the process of making these installments/books I really had to do some soul searching to figure out what it was that I had learned in my life so far. I found that Sagmeister goes on a sabbatical for one year every seven years, I took this as inspiration and during the duration of the project I began to meditate twice a day for twenty minuets. This was my way of taking Sagmeisters process, and feeling it out in my own way. I found most of my ideas in a journal that I have kept since the age of thirteen. I came up with four sayings that I created installments based off of which were as follows:
  • Everything is affected by it’s surroundings 
    This is a very important thing to realize, and understand every moment of everyday. This was the final installment which was inspired by my learning to meditate. While I was meditating I was also broadening my understanding of myself, and how I interact with my surroundings. For this installment I decided to draw type on my kitchen table and have a party. I set up my laptop to take a photograph every three minuets the duration of the night, this way you can see how everyone and everything interacts with the type on the table, and how everything is affected by the things surrounding it.
  • Search Deeper
    This idea was inspired by my love of dreams, and always searching for the deeper meaning within them, as well as searching deeply within my process. I decided to make the installment out of sculpted cotton. I wrapped cotton around a bent wire frame, and photographed it in the park.
  • Everybody has a story
    This was inspired by my love of people, and hearing their stories. If there is one thing that I know I have learned in my life so far its that everybody has a story, and that story makes them who they are. It’s important to keep that in mind when meeting strangers, or if you feel you’re about to judge someone based on how they look, or talk, or act. Everybody has a story, and it’s very important to never forget that. For the installment I used someone very close to me who has a very interesting story which caused him to lose a portion of his fingers and toes. I used hand drawn typography across his torso which was a very close and personal experience for both of us, and then I photographed him
  • Look Close
    Over the years of becoming a designer, I have learned that you must must must look at everything closely! It’s the smallest details that really make the designs work. I also meant this in a metaphorical kind of way, you should always look closely at your surroundings, and the people in them. You never know what you might find if you take a step closer. Oh man, this installment really kicked my ass. I decided to use pearler beads, which are these small little plastic beads that you iron to melt them together. I had one 5×5 square to work on each section of the type at a time, spent hours and hours separating colors for the pattern, and made this installment out of about 1,000 beads. From far away it just looks like a solid color, but close up you can see the detail, and the numerous little parts that make it complete.
  • FIN