What I do for fun

  • Some artists draw with pencil and paper. I draw with thread on fabric. This is one of the hand-stitched artworks that I exhibit locally and nationally in Florida (Museum of Fine Arts, Tallahassee), Chicago (Merchandise Mart) and Indianapolis (Indianapolis Art Center). One of my pieces was also featured in Surface Design Magazine, Spring 2010 
  • detail of stitching artwork
  • Handwoven scarf woven on big, old-fashioned floor loom. This project came about when I realized I had a lot of beautiful yarn that I was not using, always saving it for another day in the future. I had been to too many studio sales where an old weaver had died and they had never used their most beautiful yarns. I didn't want that to be me.
  • Hand-dyed and painted silk scarf. One summer day I decided to mix up a bunch of bright, bright dye (reds, oranges, pinks) and just put them all on one outrageous scarf. The mix of the colors and adding black and gold flowers in the mixture made the most beautiful colors that I happily wear on gray days!