Letter Press Class based on the number three

  • Three week intensive class using old-fashioned letter presses.
  • This poster talks about girl victories, specifically number 3, using the Roman anthem of "Veni. Vidi. Vici". which means "We came. We saw. We conquered." Every girl goes through the process of getting measured for your first bra and using the defiant 1950's line drawing where she almost looks like she's being fitted for armor then adding Super Woman's cartoon where she is proudly preparing for battle adds humor.
  • I researched how rhythem is used to create a fighting force which is why a lot of military slogans and anthems have that 3 part beat such as "The few, the proud, the Marines" or "Go. Fight. Win." Rhythm is used to bring a disparate group together as a collective (think the chants they sing while jogging in boot camp) and they put the needs of the group together before the needs of the individual. This first one is "Random"
  • This is entitled "Rhythm"
  • This final one is called "Fighting Force". All these were done on a big, old letterpress with legos and ink.