Current Studio: Czarnowski Sponsored Experience Design

  • I am currently in an Experience Design studio that is sponsored by Czarnowski. Czar holds the GM auto show account and has challenged my group to create an experience that helps improve the brand identity of Cadillac in the European market. The class is organized into groups of five students; three Product Designers and two Graphic Designers in per group.
    We are basing our experience around transforming the all American road trip into a European tour. The trip will be train based, rather than cars, since trains are the most common method of transportation in Europe. The trip will be five days and four nights and will tour Europe, stopping at various Cadillac sponsored events along the way. Within the train we have created a series of seven key experiences and interactions that make the event rtuly unique. All experiences, events, and interactions will be revolve around Cadillac's philosophy of Art and Science.