POWDER- waterless shower stall

  • POWDER is a waterless shower stall that uses powder, dry brushing, and vortex design to clean the body. Powder bathing is an animal behavior performed by a wide range of mammals and bird species in their natural habitat. For most animals, dust baths are necessary to clean the feathers, skin, or fur, similar to bathing in water and the dry brush helps to activate the cleaning process by removing the powder as well as buffing away dead skin, boosting circulation, lymphatic drainage, and ridding the body of toxins.  The vortex design and turbine shape creates a circular airflow that helps dispense the powder as well as remove it from the body and hair.
  • Why Waterless?

    "The world’s water resources are rapidly running dry creating a global crisis for every living being on the planet. 1 billion - nearly 1/6th of the world’s population - are already facing water shortages on a daily basis.
    A report by the United Nations states that by 2030 almost half the global population will be living in water stressed areas. At the current rate, the hugely populated area of Beijing will have exhausted its water supplies by 2030. In the United States, the Colorado River supplies tens of millions of people and millions of acres of farmland. Drought could cause shortages to a massive number of people dependent on this water source."

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