Compuware Detroit, Michigan

  • At the College for Creative Studies, I took part in a practicum project sponsored by Compuware. Working in a team comprised of myself and 6 other designers, we were presented with the task of reimagining Compuwares client acquisition process. This process included meeting with product specialists and gathering an understanding of Compuwares products and how they can help big businesses. As our team began to understand Compuware and its products more clearly, we also began to re-contextualize how to tell their story. Rather than seeing the products as business solutions, we wanted to frame them as future opportunity. Based on this philosophy, we decided that the best way for Compuware representatives to display the power of Compuware’s networking capabilities would be to build it into the standard practice of day to day life. 

    In order to do this, we concepted and designed a new presentation tool that would link Compuware employees and potential business contacts in order to streamline the communication process and give greater insight into potential solutions to be offered by Compuware. In addition to scanning business cards and creating a comprehensive user database, the application would also hold slide libraries that could be edited or updated on the fly per client direction. The application would also link Compuware employees to business development leads so that collaboration could take place regardless of the user location. We decided to call this application “Let’s Meet”

    Working as a team, our group developed a new brand vernacular for Compuware that was thoughtful and forward thinking. We also concepted, wireframed and designed the UI for the entire application, as well as produced sample slides for the slide library that utilized the new brand vernacular and iconography. Once all of our assets were in place, we created a lifestyle video that would take viewers through a day in the life of a Compuware sales representative. Over the course of a weekend, the team and myself shot, edited, motion tracked, keyed and animated multiple UI screens to create a complete overview of the “Let’s Meet” system and inspired Compuware representatives to think about the possibilities of communication as we move into the future. 

    Group members included Mike Dryden, Randall Bruder, Monica Mitevski, Fatema Boxwala and Jezabel Brasch.