• ALPS
    ALPS is one of the greatest mountain range in Europe.

    ALPS Infrastructure
    Project done during summer internship at Threedot Design. This was started as an inception of the project during the initial stage of ideating form for logo, further then I took it ahead for my learning

    Basic form of logo should be inspired from the structure of the ALPS mountain range and from Alphabet 'A'  which should sugget height, futuristic, and dynamism.
  • Moodboard for inspiration and color reference
  • Intial Ideation on Paper
    Exploration of forms in context to mountain range and alphabet 'A'
    Developing form towards more dynamism, futuristic which gives it dimension and a depth to it.
  • Final Logo in line drawing, greyscale and color.
    Color Values of the logo.
    Stationary Design for Alps Infrastructure.