Insomniac's Dream Process

    Insomniac's Dream Process
    By Chris Fry
  • Insomniac's Dream is apart of the on going project "Synergy".  I find it hard to sleep at night, and when I do sleep, I do not remember what I was dreaming.  I often wonder what it is like when our unconscious minds enter into the dream world.  I imagine when a world where there are many options, different dreams or scenarios  that out mind chooses to enter and the dream ensues from there. 
    The series Synergy can be found HERE
  • The project started around 3am one night when the city lights coming through my window were beautiful.  I set up a tripod, self timer, and ran back and forth several times for the pose.
  • Basic camera RAW tweeks of color and exposure were applied to amplify the color and light quality.
  • Personal stock photos were added to the wall as the "choice dreams", along with ground textures
  • Studio detail cut out and placed into image.
  • Custom shadows placed, lighting and color effects added to create final image.