Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit

    This project followed the release of the Galaxy Gear.  Samsung was the first company to release the first fully “smart” watch in the market.  It was an experiment as well as a message to other competitors that Samsung was branching out and creating new markets.
    I was part of the team that analyzed the feedback from consumers and from within the company to distill the essence of the wearable market and propose the next evolution of a Samsung wearable for 2014-15.  We set out to redesign what a smart wearable looked and felt like.  We wanted to create a simple device that would curate the user’s digital experience and help them to interact with their device ecosystem more efficiently.  We also proposed several unique selling points based on current wearable trends.
    A broad segment of the wearable market was compiled and separated my purpose, price point, and design language.  We separated each function into a simple infographic to aid brainstorming and eary concept creation.
    After separating the functions from the competitor research we had several meetings to prioritize which would be incorporated into the next gen Galaxy Gear and how they would add to a cohesive product experience.  Every aspect of the design needed to be a unique selling point to separate Samsung’s offering not only in terms of fit and finish but also in terms of intuitive functionality.
    The initial concepts were explorations of different configurations that prioritized different design aspects such as customization, health monitoring, connectivity, and haptic alerts.  These explorations were created with the mindset of creating a digital curator that would allow the user to more intuitively navigate their device ecosystem.
    These concepts were the three strongest from my brainstorming selection.  Each represents a different focus and a different approach to solve the same problem.

    The final design was simplified based on feedback from headquarters in Seoul.  It retains the customization factor with an interchangeable band that can be used in conjunction with the main component.
  • Interchangeable bands represent a huge value added aspect to the product line up.  Having them ready at product launch guarantees initial adoption before second tier products have a chance to come online.
    In addition to swappable bands I was tasked with designing follow up support devices to roll out during the product's lifetime to keep interest in the device.  Most of these revolved around a mobile Bluetooth dock and ear bud combo product.
    After our work was presented at headquarters in Seoul their design team was responsible for readying the concepts for production.  I was very proud to be part of the project and as always I have highest regard for Samsung and their design philosophy.  The Galaxy Gear Fit is available now in most countries.