Comet: You Won't

  • Headline:
    You won't find us on television, But you can find us under your sink.
    Think for second. You know who we are, and what we do. But how did you hear about us? Maybe you saw a recent ad of ours in a magazine or saw a commercial with a catchy jingle that’s now stuck in your head.  Well, that was a trick question! We haven’t run an advertisement for our products in quite some time now. And you know why?
     We don’t have to.
    Comet Cleanser is a product people have been relying on for the past 100 years to get the job done. Even though we have the right to brag, we don’t like to bad mouth our competitors too much. Each year, however, they invent a new function to their bottle or introduce a new technology to try to get their product into your cabinet where we already live.
     We’ve grown up with our consumers. They can probably recall seeing our green can for the first time being used by their grandmother.  Because of this, they trust us. After all, she trusted us because we’re an all purpose cleaner that’s gentle on all surfaces. We’re also not one of those annoying sprays that leaves a harmful odor lingering in the air after we’ve been used.
    And our usefulness doesn’t stop in the kitchen. If you check out our website, you’ll find new ways to make your house shine.
    The next time a guest spills their plate of pasta, don’t worry. Comet never let anyone down before and we won’t start with you. It doesn’t matter how bright the color or how big the stain. We’ll always be under your sink to come to the rescue.