• Lamaya is a self initiated project, was an initiate during my summer internship which I conitnued as hypothetical project for my own self learning experience.
    Here, Lamaya is a store which owns multiple brands related to lifestyle, clothing and accessories and sell multi brand products. Basically in lamaya customers will have multi brands as an option at one single door.
    Images used in this project are from google search, these are purely used for learning purpose.
  • Meaning of a word, Lamaya.
  • Brands personilty and its attributes.
  • Brand's personality traits defines brand  language. According to me nothing more than a pout lips can describe alltogether its attributes like being sensual, dark, lustful and mysterious. This also consist the meaning of a word lamaya, dark beauiful sensual lips.
  • Girls with a pout pose, almost in every possible event of the life. This moodboard also shows the type of target audience and their personality.
  • Pout lips sketching for an insipration of a brand along with typeface variations for Lamaya logotype.
  • Moodboards for pout inspiration as well as for color inspiration.
  • These pouts will be a brand language for Lamaya, will be used in various areas of branding for lamaya.
  • Lamaya logotype in black and white. These will be two main colors for the brand.
  • Lamaya stationary board: Letterhead, Visiting Card, Envelopes, Labels/ Tags, Bag.
  • Printed mockup of Collaterals, complete stationary.
  • Printed mockup of Letterheads, Envelopes and Visiting Card.
  • Printed mockup of Labels/Tags front and back with the sring.
  • Demonstration of labes/tags with the product (belt) and a bag.
  • Mockup of Envelopes for vouchers distributed at the store.