• The Producers
    An essay written and produced by Ellen Lupton.
    The original essay for "The Producers" was published inside the 2003 issue of "Inside Design Now : National Design Triennial". It spoke about the comparison and conflicting matters of being a designer and a producer. The seperation of a designer, author, and producer is very apparent in the world around us. The essay embarks the tales of several designers and their stories as being a designer that is also a writter and producer.
  • The Full Package
    An essay written and produced by Elizabeth Moroz.
    The essay, The Full Package, is a commentary for the Ellen Lupton's "Producers" Essay. Within the text, I talk about how to be a sucessful designer, you must also be a writter and a producer. To understand all the key elements to production, the designer is best set for success. Within the pages, it also is a comparison comparrison of the work life in a studio and an office setting. It states how being in a corporate life could leave limitations to creativity, which is different from a studio life that allows more freedom and expression in design.