"Hobo Chicken" Forgotten Harvest

  • AD: Stefania Walkowiak
    CW: Courtney Hudson
  • Feed Thy Neighbor.
    Can you imagine having to choose between a roof over your head and a meal on your table? No one should have to make that choice. That’s why Forgotten Harvest supplies Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties with an average of 42 million meals a year.This food comes from excess items in restaurants and grocery stores that may otherwise go to waste. We’d like to keep those numbers growing, and with the support of local volunteers and donors, we know we can. To get involved, visit www.forgottonharvest.org today.
  • We find a good home for food.
    Forgotten Harvest combats hunger and waste by saving excess food and delivering it to those in need.  We work with 455 donors, including restaurants, grocers and caterers.  By partnering with 283 relief agencies, our donors’ surplus goes towards meals rather than to waste.  Find out how you can join us to battle hunger at www.forgottenharvest.org.