• As a part of an internship, this ring was created in house completely by hand. The shape was sculpted out of wax using hand tools. The wax piece was invested into a mold before being cast into sterling silver using the lost wax method. A rubber archival mold was made from the first metal form. The mold was used to reproduce three more wax casts which were processed using the same method as the original.
    Each piece was hand filed and worked into a 6 1/2 US ring size. The pieces were buffed, cleaned and set with a 1 ct cubic zirconia. The prongs were rebuffed before a final cleaning cycle was completed on the set. To add  a personality to the undertaking, the ring was named Harvey.
    * * * * *
    For an introductory project, the final product turned out well. I learned each step of the process by experienced professionals and look forward to seeing this skill set develop as more pieces are constructed.