• 1. "I know what it’s like, feeling defeated,
    Not being able to look life in the face."
  • 2. "I am fettered to misery,
    as if life lost the key
    to my release,
    and I accept its hold on me."
  • 3.  "I want to shake this madness
    Out of my head and just be normal.
    What I’d give to be normal…"
  • 4. "This is consuming me." 
  • 5. "Tonight I decided I'm done with all of this,
    I'm done with wanting to die.
    Tonight I stopped myself from writing a suicide note." 
  • 6. "This is a tranformation.
    I feel like I am becoming something new.
    Something alive." 
  • 7 "No one should want to die. 
    Now I know what it's like to live,
    really live.
    I'm thriving, not just surviving."