Bike Trailer Concept Design

  • Bicycle  trailer that can provide instant shelter for a single person when deployed. The light weight structure is covered with tensile fabrics and incorporates enough space to carry all the needed camping equipment eliminating the weight from the bike. 
  • When a camping site is chosen, the user can instantly deploy a shelter that fans out when the trailer is unfolded. The outer cover is made of an electro chromic material that becomes opaque with intense sunlight. It also incorporates a pattern of flexible solar panels to keep charging the battery even when static. The inner mesh protects the user from insects and dust and moves independently from the outer cover. Interior lighting is provided through a series of LED’s located inside the central poles. Extra storage can be found inside the structure, when the flexible sleeping surface is lifted.
  • The trailer’s wheels incorporate an anti-puncture design that provides extra suspension. They also have the capacity to harness energy through a series of coils. The energy is stored inside a central lithium ion battery and can be used for powering mobile devices once the trailer is deployed.