Near Death Experience

  • (Logo designed for the event, pictured above)
    A one-night creative experience involving collaborative pieces that blend music, art, and performance.
    For Friday the 13th of June, 2014, I currated, designed, marketed and carried out an event called Near Death Experience.
    The event included projects and performances from graffiti painters, skateboarders, musicians, photographers, henna artists, and other creative entities. It also featured craft cocktails and beer, as well as gourmet food.
  • Marketing/ Fundraising
  • I created a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the event, which offered experience-based incentives.
    Each creative involved in the show contributed an intimate experience (i.e. painting lessons, skateboarding showcase, cooking class, etc.) that higher-level donors could select.
    The campaign exceed its goal of $1300 by raising $1450 for the event!
  • I also created a sponsorship package (above) to help fund the event, which I sent to local businesses and individuals in the community. The funds raised from these sponsorships were used to help fund ads (below) placed in the Detroit MetroTimes, a weekly entertainment publication.
  • After contacting a writer at the MetroTimes, the circulation also featured a writeup about the event, pictured above.
  • I made small printed flyers (above) for distribution at local businesses, and hit the streets with them to talk to people about the event. In addition, I ran a cross-promotional contest with Harlequin Tattoo (below). This promotion offered dicounted tickets for sale at the tattoo shop, with a chance to win a free tattoo when purchased.
  • I contacted local media sources about the event, including Hip In Detroit, an online blog about Detroit events.
    An article about the event was featured on the site:
  • In addition to other marketing efforts, I utilized social media to market the event, including a Facebook event page:,
    and a pre-show Instagram account that encouraged use of the hashtag "#NDE2014" at the event.
  • The Event