• Based on the Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
  • Based on the Chinese Zodiac: Goat
  • French Boomerang Dancers: Hero/Sidekick
  • Jedidiah.....I die hard Starwars fan.  Collects the movies, games, toys, costumes, you name it.  No one knows if Jedidiah is his real name.
  • Jedidiah Expression sheet
  • New Style!  Nico Marlet.....one of my favorite artist.  
  • New Style!  Akira Katshiro Otomo......A great Japanese legend in animation entertainment.
    As I like to say...Akira...was a whirl-wind.
  • New Style!  Wakfu....VERY CHALLENGING.  I wanted to tear my hair out...but I learned a lot. :)  Love the style.