Olive: stress management bracelet

  • Olive: Conquer Stress. Be Stellar.
    I had the opportunity to work with the wonderful Olive Labs team on the development and design of their first product, the Olive intelligent bracelet. Olive analyzes your patterns and biological indicators, helps you be aware of when your body experiences a stress response, and empowers you with a range of exercises that can be used to bring your body back into balance. Above all, Olive is designed to handle the complexity of your stress behind the scenes so it is super simple to use.
    It reached it's funding goal of $100,000 on Indiegogo, where the campaing is still live. You can check it out here:
  • We wanted to create a bracelet that complements your lifestyle so that you will want to wear it on a daily basis. It is unobtrusive, beautiful, and meant to be dressed up or down so that you can choose the Olive that best reflects your personality or the occasion. By keeping a modular form factor, we wanted to allow the user to be able to customize their bracelet with interchangeable bands.
  • Olive measures:
        -  Heart rate and heart rate variability to better understand our body's stress response through changes in the  cardiovascular system.
        -  Skin conductance which indicates our body's level of excitement. When we have emotional reactions, Olive  can detect this in our skin.
        -  Ambient light because exposure to light affects our sleep and body's natural rhythms, which in turn change  the way we respond to stress.   
        -  Motion to analyze overall muscle tension. When we are stressed and our body enters a fight-or-flight state,  our muscles tense up. 
        -  Skin temperature which can change when stress affects blood flow to our extremities.   
  • Olive:
        -  Tracks physical indicators of stress based on changes in heart rate, reactions in your skin, and trends in        skin temperature.
        -  Analyzes habits that contribute to stress like your physical activity, sleep, and exposure to light.
        -  Talks with your smartphone to understand your lifestyle through your calendar, your location, and other    available data.
        -  All of this information is meticulously stitched together with powerful algorithms to paint a more complete picture of your stress than has been possible, until now.
  • Olive nudges you through gentle taps (haptic feedback) or LED lights on your wrist when it detects elevated stress levels or you've previously scheduled a stress management exercise. Check in with yourself and control how you want to respond to stress. If you need help, it's as easy as a swipe to launch an exercise. If you're feeling fine, swipe the other way to ignore it.
    Olive can easily switch between silent, haptic, LED light, and haptic+LED light modes so that you can always decide how much you want Olive to communicate with you.
  • Identifying moments when you’re feeling your best and worst are important for taking control of stress. Use Olive to capture these moments without having to turn to your phone first because nothing can ruin a wonderful moment like having to fidget with your phone.
    Double tap Olive to record a moment when you’re feeling awesome. Olive will capture these wonderful moments and help you remember what your day was like leading up to it.
    Rub the textured surface of Olive when you need help. It's like rubbing Aladdin’s lamp to call your genie. Olive will make note of this and launch an exercise to manage the stressful situation.
  • Olive's software is designed to understand what your typical lifestyle patterns look like, provide little steps to reduce stressors in life, and help you develop the skills to conquer stress when it negatively affects you.
    The longer you use Olive, the more it will understand you - what kinds of activities can help you more effectively manage the stress in your life and 
  • Olive ships with a standard USB charger, but if you want to charge your Olive with ease and style, upgrade to a Pedestal Charger. This premium accessory holds your Olive upright while charging and fits in with your jewelry dresser or your watch stand.