The Parade Company- Summer Camp Float

  • This is a project i worked on while working at The Parade Company in Detroit MI for a summer camp. Creating a float for the Hamtramack parade. Each week a new group of kids would work on the float ages 4-13. Learning to to draw, paint, imagine and most importantly patiently work together in the several steps it took to create a finshed float.
  • Original sketch of my idea for the float.
  • Veiw of the float with the flowers all painted
  • Used egg cartons cut into strips for the ocotopus tenticles. 
  • Look at the Sharks! They were painted by a six year old!
  • The kids covered a beach ball with paper mache for the sun
  • We painted canvas to fill the space of the doorways
  • Chicken wire was used to hold up the paper mache flowers