The Lord's Legacy ©

  • The Lord's Legacy
    A work of Christian/Fantasy/Science Fiction by Matthew Leese.

    The following images are illustrations I've done to capture characters, places, events, and other elements from my novel in progress, The Lord's Legacy ©.

  • Michael Scarborough
    Optivus Rex... The Last Holy Emperor

    This is the main character of The Lord's Legacy © during the end times. Michael is Hebrew for "Who is like God?" and Scarborough is Old Norse for "Fortress," emphasizing his role as protector of Christian refugees. His given Latin title is Optivus, which means "Chosen," as he was the long-anticipated chosen Great Monarch once prophesied by St. Malachy.

    This piece is a bit more representational than the last one. Michael holds the holy sword Excalibur in one hand and a shepherd's crook in the other while standing in front of a church doorway. This signifies the dual responsibility of gathering the flock of believers and defending it from Satan's forces. The halo around his head is also purely expressing that he has seen God with his own eyes and spoken to Him directly. The bronze doors of the church are etched with the famous painting The Archangel Michael by Guido Reni, in which the Archangel strikes down Satan as it is prophesied. This alludes to the idea that Michael Scarborough may be more than he appears.

    The face model for this one was Wanted actor James McAvoy.
  • Eliana Vasquez
    Harpy in Hiding...

    Eliana comes from the Hebrew word meaning "God has answered," signifying her future role as wife to Michael when he pleaded for a partner. Vasquez is Spanish for "Shepherd," signifying her other role as one of God's shepherds in her position in the Sons of Light.

    When she was still quite young, she was caught up in a demonic incident that merged her body with that of an owl. Before Satan could make much use of his newly created Harpy, she was captured and taken to a Father Andrea Colombrino, who exorcised the demon within her, but her bodily form was irreversible. She lived a life of secrecy, hiding her wings from public view until she was guided to joining the Sons of Light. It was only then that she could finally feel free and be herself once again.

    This is also the first image I have rendered with the official Sons of Light uniform. The model for the face was based on Hispanic actress Catalina Sandino Moreno.
  • James Forsythe
    The False Prophet... The Beast of the Earth

    The man who was once Michael Scarborough's most trusted friend since childhood, but he was conditioned since birth for a terrible role in the history of the world. Being born a Nephilim (offspring of a human and an angel/demon), James had been granted the powers of much higher spirit, including the ability to rain fire from the sky. The demonic horde of Babylon provided everything he ever needed in order to first become Michael's 2nd in Command, a U.S. Senator, and finally the U.S. President while also being the leader of the Sons of Darkness... right under everyone's nose. He gained the trust of the entire world before his mysterious disappearance, which granted him the power of a tyrant when he returned with Muhammad Abijah with Babylon's revelation. It was then that James' motivations were clear to the Sons of Light: he was the False Prophet.

    James comes from the original name Jacob, which in Hebrew means "Supplanter," indicating his desire to overthrow Michael from within. Forsythe means "man of peace" in Scottish, which alludes to the lie that he desires prosperity for the world. His title as leader of the Sons of Darkness was Anguimorsus, which means "bite of the snake." As the False Prophet from Babylon, he holds the Rod of Asclepius, which is a symbol of health and renewal, indicating to the people that he wishes to aid the world. Muhammad Abijah, the Antichrist, also holds one of these scepters and when together, the two staffs merge together into the Caduceus, the symbol of commerce and trade, which Babylon offers to the world. However, the Caduceus is also a symbol of deception.

    In case it wasn't dreadfully obvious, the face model for James is Patrick Dempsey. I originally wanted him to look like Sean Penn, but I needed James to look younger, so luckily Patrick Dempsey's face is strikingly similar to Penn's.
  • Muhammad Abijah
    The Antichrist... The Beast of the Sea

    The character is a man named Muhammad Abijah, the main villain of The Lord's Legacy ©. He was born for a single purpose: to impersonate the Jewish Messiah and the Muslim Mahdi in order to manipulate those cultures into worshiping him. Everything about his life was meant to appear to fulfill the ancient prophesies about the man who would save each culture from their enemies and bring peace at last. Many unfortunately believed him and they became his pawns in attempting to exterminate the Christian population who refused to bow down to him and to Satan.

    This is because the Christians identified him when he first appeared. In the book of Revelation, he was called the Antichrist, the Beast of the Sea... and Muhammad definitely fit this title since he was the leader of the lost land of Atlantis. The ancient and long-believed-sunken island of Atlantis was not destroyed at all, but had been removed from this dimension just before Noah's Deluge when God meant to destroy the Nephilim inhabiting the earth. He had mercy on even the demons and allowed them to retreat to their base of operations on Atlantis, but he sealed them within, the only passage allowed was going in but none returning to the rest of the world. Nestled within the area known as the Bermuda Triangle (called "The Devil's Triangle" by some), the ambiguous entrance to the lost land claimed many who sailed or flew by plane through the region, bringing more incidental inhabitants to the land. This is how Muhammad Abijah managed to get to the island: in a plane flight over the Atlantic when he was still a child. The ruling king at the time had pity on the sole survivor of the crash and adopted him as his own, leaving the kingdom to Muhammad upon his death.

    But Atlantis was far from a primitive ancient kingdom. While the rest of the world spent thousands of years fighting amongst each other, spread plagues, and kept their advancements handicapped, Atlantis suffered none of these since it was a single-serving community. It built up its technologies with help from the knowledge the demons knew about the world (as they are higher-dimensional beings and have seen our world inside-out). The people built flying machines called Vimanas that used natural energies that enabled the craft to defy the laws of gravity (Vimanas are thought to be the explanation for many UFO sightings). The demons continued to impersonate false gods to the people of Atlantis, making them incredibly loyal.

    Muhammad means "Praiseworthy" in Arabic and was prophesied to be the name of the future Mahdi (named after Muhammad the Prophet of course). Abijah is a Hebrew name meaning "The Will of the Lord" or "The Lord is my Father." Both of these names were given to him on purpose in order to fulfill what the Muslims and the Jews think their Messiah should be. But he has another name: Belial, the prideful demon-lord, of which this physical body is but a human incarnation. Belial is called the Angel of Lawlessness, the Ruler of this World, and Leader of the Sons of Darkness in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The demon, often confused with Satan himself, has been waiting thousands of years for his chance to take this role for his master in Hell and is destined to rule the world in opposition to Michael Scarborough during the Tribulation.

    The face model for Muhammad Abijah is that of Wentworth Miller from Prison Break. I wanted the character to be a sort of "cultural melting pot," having genes from all cultures in order to help make others trust him more. Wentworth Miller has a very culturally-diverse heritage, being African-American, Jamaican, English, German, Jewish, Cherokee, Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese. I chose him to appear reminiscent of a futuristic Babylonian King (since the land the Antichrist comes from is called Babylon the Great in Revelation). The crown is a simplified version of the six-horned crown worn by kings of Babylon and the long hair and beard is not only meant to remind us of Babylonian royalty, but also because Muhammad Abijah is a self-proclaimed Nazirite (like Samson and Samuel in the Bible). Nazirites were those in the Old Testament who gave themselves up to God entirely and swore to never cut their hair or else they would lose the powerful abilities that God gave to them due to their devotion.
  • Leviathan's Final Strike
    Abaddon vs. Leviathan

    The piece features the surprise assault of the demonic forces on the Isle of Avalon led by the Leviathan, the serpentine monstrosity mentioned several times in the Bible. Avalon was a hidden location for the dispossessed under the leadership of Ambrosius Aurelianus (aka Merlin) and the demonic horde absolutely obliterated it. After the destruction, Michael, Viviane, and David appear too late on the scene and are taken captive themselves. All seems lost until a mysterious entity appears on the battlefield: Abaddon, the Destroyer. Once a demon lord loyal to Satan, he secretly longed to undo his past deeds, including posing as the Hindu god Shiva the Destroyer. Abaddon uses this opportunity to show his loyalty to God's cause by battling the Guardian of the Gates of Hell: Leviathan.

    The Leviathan in The Lord's Legacy is one in the same as the Mesoamerican deity Quetzalcoatl ("the plumed serpent"), the evil Egyptian serpent of the underworld, Apep ("Apophis" in Greek), and several other dragons and sea serpents throughout history (including the Chinese serpent dragons).
  • Abaddon
    Baphomet Unveiled

    This is a quick design I did for the demon known as Abaddon "the Destroyer." In The Lord's Legacy ©, he once impersonated deities including Shiva the Destroyer of the Hindu pantheon. However, it was not long before Abaddon began to feel the tugging of his heartstrings... the emotions of the two human bodies he had claimed for his earthly form were filling his mind with regret. The two humans, one male, one female, were in fact once husband and wife. Abaddon still retained their thoughts and feelings and could actually feel the love that they had for each other and could feel the power of the human spirit. He began to doubt his allegiance to Satan, sympathized with humanity, and mourned that he could never return to Heaven again.

    Soon Abaddon began to work in exile from the rest of the demonic horde in order to aid humanity and God's cause. He knew he could never be forgiven for what he had done, but he did what he could anyways. During the Crusades he introduced himself to the men of the Knights Templar as Baphomet, the demon that they supposedly worshiped. This was incorrect, however, as he simply initiated them into a secret society and taught them secrets of heaven in order that they might be able to do God's will more effectively. This was not officially authorized by God but Abaddon felt it necessary. Eventually other groups spawned from his teachings including the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, and various Occult groups. Finally, Abaddon aided the Sons of Light by releasing the "locusts of the shaft of the abyss" to attack those marked with 666.

    The character is a combination of three entities: Abaddon, Baphomet, and Shiva. Shiva is typically depicted as having four arms and blue skin. Baphomet is typically shown as the Sabbatic Goat by Eliphas Lévi, which is a human with the head and legs of a goat, feathered wings, and female breasts. I thought it would be interesting if he not only had four arms, but that two of them were male and the other two were female. This would give the opportunity to retain the breast feature of Baphomet while keeping Shiva's feature. Then Shiva's blue skin I downplayed a bit but decided to make him very pale with lots of blue blood veins which is because of the lack of oxygen in his blood system. If he only had one heart but now had two additional arms as well as wings, this meant more of an area for blood to circulate and the heart might not be able to effectively oxygenate the body. Hence the blue tint of Shiva's skin. Of course, when a demon entity like this shows himself to a group of people, he is able to put on a cloak of deception and show them whatever form he likes. So in India, he took on a more pleasing face and demeanor for his role as Shiva. Abaddon the demon typically does not have a particular shape so I was able to mold him around the other two.