Lethality Logo

  • Lethality Logo
    "Do not mess with us"
    This project was to create a logo for a video gamers' guild site, called "Lethality." The purpose was to invent a symbol to represent something very lethal to indicate to other guilds the message "do not mess with us.
  • The client had come up with some ideas of routes we could take, but I immediately knew I liked the idea of the chimera and wanted to present it in such a way to be reminiscent of a "coat of arms." Really what we were aiming at with the choices though was to come up with the most "lethal" things we could think of, so why not the heads of four deadly creatures?
  • Although part of the classic chimera, the goat was not very "lethal" in any way, so we decided to replace it with an eagle's.
  • Then by vote of the guild, the lion was replaced with a wolf and the snake became more cobra-like in style. The long wings did not stay beyond this draft.
  • I began work on it in Adobe Illustrator to get the vector image prepared.
  • Much more detail is added, particularly to the eagle's feathers and dragon's scales.
  • Client decided on a few adjustments to bring it to finalization.
  • The final image with color and textures added in Photoshop.