A Chinese Village Affected by Urbanisation(2010)

  • Sept. 1, 2010. I spent a week in this small village for my college urbanization research. This is a village located  in 40 miles away from Chinese capital Beijing.

    The entrance of the village.

  • Most young people already left here because they would more like to find their dreams in big city . Weeds had swallowed up the street.
  • Lots of agricultural equipments were abandoned simply because no one could use it anymore.
  • An old lady walked on the road. she feels so lonely because all of her children are working out of the village. 
    After she left, I added her daughter into the sketch because I wish her daughter can visit her mom as soon as possible.
  • An elderly man was smoking in front of his house. He only have one child who is an army officer works in the North border of China-- a village near Russia.

  • In August 31, 2010, I was sitting here to conduct my interview. 97% of seniors in this village were living apart from their children. More than 50% of them have different health problems. 25% of them decided to move to Beijing city and live with their children.
  • Grass grow in this old wagon -- a tool designed for youngsters.
  • A family left this house a week ago. Compared to the city life, village life seems so quiet and sometimes even makes me feel boring.
  • Lots of ancient buildings are dying with the tree.  
    I left this village after finish this sketch.

    It was my best memory because I was working with my first love at that time.

    Later, in 2013, I left Beijing and never come back there again.
  • Bravo, you go through all of it, nice to meet you my friend.