Miami’s Sound found in Nature by Punkychicken

  • Miami’s Sound found in Nature
  • Miami’s Sound found in Nature
    Year: 2011
    Information: For this concept we look towards nature to find pleasure in Miami and all it has to offer in relation to Miami’s music. People come to Miami for the unmatchable music experience, weather, beach and party life. There are few if any events in the world where all of these elements (great weather, beach life, the ocean, music, people from all over the world) are combined into one sensory overload. Music is life; life drives Miami.

    * Looking at the nature of Miami and music combined into one

    * Many come to Miami for the sun, beach life and Music

    * Visually show the complexity that makes up music and combine it with elements from Miami.

    * Produce a feeling of warmth and enjoyment that Miami has to offer.

    * Taking complex imagery and using simple imagery to get the message of Music + Nature across.

    * Waves of the ocean + Sound waves of Music

    Miami is an experience of its own combining two key elements that drive people to take part in an event on a level all its own (Nature and Music). It is undeniable that many come to Miami for the beach and sun but when music is mixed into the scenario you get a beautiful flow back and forth where nature drive music to evolve.

    Visually this can be shown by looking into the complexity that makes up instruments and musical elements while taking from nature to build or morph into a hybrid music/nature visual representation. 

    For this design we look to headphones as the key component of “music”. We take a simple element like the headphones and incorporate elements from nature such at palm trees, the ocean and Miami’s skyline to create a world that depicts Miami and the sound of Miami.

    The headphones also reflect the sound of the ocean, the birds in the sky, the sound of palm leaves blowing in the air. When we go to Miami we are plugged into Miami and its culture (show in the amp cord).

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