Motorola Packaging

  • Motorola Packaging
    Complexity within Simplicity
  • This packaging concept contains a smart phone and a flexible solar cell charger that can hold the phone safely in place while it is being transported, thus, there’s no need for an inner skeleton case, which means less material used. Once the phone has been used for its lifetime, the user can turn this packaging inside out and use it as prepaid return mail to send their phone to a designated recycling center. In this way, this packaging design eliminates the problem of e-waste that society faces in it's current consumer system. The user will feel satisfied by doing the right thing in an effortless way.
  • This Project was recognized as an exceptional example of design by Motorola sponsors and noted as one of the best projects they had seen in the history of their sponsored studios. I'm proud to know that the designer of the Motorola Razor gave me his approval.

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