Church Logos

  • St. Matthew Lutheran Church Logo
    Westland, MI

    This was a request from the church I have attended since I was born, St. Matthew Lutheran. Until this point, the church had been using a very primitive line drawing as their official logo and they decided for the 75th Anniversary to amend it. My family is well known in the church and word got out that I was a talented artist, so they came to me for the design.

    I decided to go with a much more modern variation of the original logo (which was of the church's exterior), employing a series of overlapping graphic shapes that formed the basic, yet very recognizable, structure. The Missouri Synod Cross was used in a few locations and at one point we even had 5 of them. The phrase "Faithful, Faithful, Faithful" across the top was an homage to a previous and well-loved Pastor, the late Rev. Fisher, who frequently said those words during church services in a most reverent manner. It became almost an unofficial slogan for the church community and apparently was decided to use it on the new logo.
  • St. John Lutheran Church Logo
    AuGres, MI

    Having seen my logo for St. Matthew Lutheran, Rev. Fred Cordts of St. John Lutheran Church decided to ask the same artist to create a new logo to commemorate his church's 100th Anniversary.