• Due Date

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  • For some people, time is simply a form of measurement that we use to mark events in order to structure our daily lives: a succession of events, one after the other, which mark the past, present and future. To others, myself included, time is precious yet demanding—a relentless reminder of deadlines and demands.
    Time has always been my tormentor. As a young child, I struggled with a suffocating premonition that I only had a short time to my life. I felt as though I was in a race to pursue and accomplish everything all at once. Now, as an adult, I fear I am becoming a slave to schedules, work, and demands. Time and deadlines remain looming shadows hung over my head. Never has the ticking of a clock felt so torturous.
    Many instances Reflecting on my relationship with time both as a child and currently, Due Date illustrates this lifelong tumultuous relationship using the White Rabbit from the story Alice in Wonderland. Commonly depicted wearing a vest or waistcoat with large pocket watch in hand, the White Rabbit spends much of his time obsessing about his punctuality to make an important date. In this piece, the rabbit is multiplied, referring to the constant wish to be in several places at once. With chains from large pocket watches creating nooses, the rabbits become trapped and eventually suffocate.  The overall look and composition is intended to appear somewhat like an altar, representing the worship of and emphasis placed on time by our current society.

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