[Character Design] Nokogiri Charlotte

  • [NOKOGIRI CHARLOTTE] is a concept album of mock video game music and character art. The album is released in autumn 2014 at the bi-anual music exhibition and sales event "M3" in Japan. Under the guidance of art director cum composer Charlie "Ottiki" Fletcher, I had the opportunity to flex my artistic merits in character design and illustration. The project features the collaboration between musicians, artists, and designers to create a cohesive package centered around the music. The album draws inspiration from vertical-scrolling shooter video games as well as the "glitch art" movement to create colorful characters and fun music. The full package includes a 2-disc album, a booklet with character illustrations, a cool t-shirt, a poster, and fun stickers.
    Full credits list on the website.

    Official release site: http://kusemonorecords.com/release/NOKOGIRICHARLOTTE/
  • Charlotte, the titular character with her trademark weapon.
  • Ottiki, the main composer's persona and player character.
  • Prof. Mac An Fhleastar, the eccentric genius whose disappearance marks the beginning of the story.
  • The aggresive first stage boss, Fire Ant.
  • The brooding Scorpion harnesses ghastly energies.
  • Redback Spider with her trademark red back design.
  • Players will face the mischievous Hornet sisters together.
  • Power-up dolls change the characteristics of the player's projectiles.
  • The final boss form of Charlotte, dubbed "Ura-Charlotte."