Experimental Interaction Installation Design

  • Experimental Interaction Installation Design 

    Experience and gain perceptions when immersed in a space of different colored lights

    How do we feel when in a space of different colored lights?
    Will different colored lights change the colors on the wall?
    What are real colors on the wall?​​​​​​​
  • In a dark space
    Purple light from the projector
    White light in the circle to show the real color on the wall, but because of the purple effect, it seemed we didn't see the real color
  • Step on a board (for example green color board) to change to the corresponding color (green) projected on the wall and also move the white circle
  • I used Makeymakey to connect the website and boards
  • Room light to show the installation
    The projector was connected to a website with pages of different colors and a white moving circle
    The website was created by Html, CSS and Javascript
  • Initial inspiration: The Judge II, a light source box. It is for people to check colors under different lights.