Interaction Installation Design

  • This installation aims to help viewers experience and gain perceptions of color changes when under different colored lights.
    Viewers are in a dark space where a projector projects colored lights and a moving circle of white light onto the colored paper on the wall. By stepping on different colored boards on the floor, they are able to change the same colored lights and control the moving circle position of the projector, resulting in changes to what's projected on the wall. 

    The projector is connected to a website with pages of different colors and the moving circle, which was created using Html, CSS and Javascript. The website is also connected with boards on the floor through the Makeymakey, so when viewers step on each board, the website changes the page and changes the projection.
  • Makeymakey connecting the website and boards
  • Inspiration
    I studied the space that contains the Color & Material Library at College for Creative Studies. This space has different sections for magazines, colors and materials, books, working areas and service desk. People usually come to borrow books and also use it as a study space. 

    The interesting machine for the inspiration was found in the library, The Judge II, a light source box. It is for people to check colors under different lights.