[Character Design] Kingdom of the Black Sun

  • "Kingdom of the Black Sun" is a Senior Studio project focusing on character design and illustration, with the guidance of Matt LeBarre; an instructor at the College for Creative Studies. The works produced are meant to be viewed as polished character concept arts of playable characters in an isometric action RPG. In the dark fantasy setting, players play as characters with questionable moralities who align themselves with the dark arts to achieve their goals.
  • The Black Knight: Free from the chains of a powerful Necromancer, the Black Knight seeks not only revenge on his former captor, but to also serve the King and kingdom he had pledged loyalty to... only to find his kingdom faded into history over the centuries he had lost in servitude of the evil Necromancer. Neither man nor ghost, his black-clad figure and superior swordsmanship earned him his fearsome title.
  • The Necromancer: A poet on the ambiguity of life and death. The dead rise where she threads, and death blossoms in pursuit. In an attempt to recreate the perfect war, she relentlessly stirs the conflict between the living, while initiating followers to and from the other side. Until the world is in her absolute, twisted vision of undeath, she will never halt. Will the Necromancer conclude her black allegory, or will Death claim her first?
  • Zombies: Twisted minions of the Necromancer, raised and mutated from the finest corpses. A 3D bust of Zombie #2 was sculpted by Tyler Brown; check it out here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/27053043/Zombie-Minion-A-Co-Op-creation
  • The Occultist: In the woods, a figure in red beckons. Those who follow her are never to be seen again. In the gloomy taverns, few may whisper of the figure in red. Her misdeeds amount to the most henious of crimes, with the most bizzarre of execution. Some say that she worships the chaotic Black Sun, and that her victims are often offerings to gain its favor.
  • The Pyromancer: One can only imagine the circumstances behind the existence of a half-human, half-demon imp. Where the pyromancer lacks in the fire resistance of demon imps, he compensates with the craftiness of humans. Recklessly playing with his volatile concoctions and fire magic, the pyromancer does not distinguish friend from foe. There can only be one fate for those he sets his sight upon: to be licked by fire eternal. A 3D bust of this character has also been sculpted by Tyler Brown; check it out here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/27054127/Pyromancer-Another-Co-Op-Creation
  • The Assassin: A competent thief who had incurred the wrath of noble men. Wanting the thief dead, they set loose a beast of a man for the hunt. Overpowered, the thief was dismembered into half; torso from waist. On her dying breath, the od of vengeance possessed her, promising to deliver her will. Her body grew out where it had been cut off, effectively making her two bodies instead of one. With her mystical circumstances, she is now twice as dangerous as before.
  • The Berserker: A warrior whose only interest lies on the battlefield, the berserker stroke a pact with the wolf god to grant him superhuman strength and speed. What he received was more than his mind could handle.