Chromatic Cornucopia — Whole Foods

  • S T Y L I N G — Madalyn Knebel Design
    P H O T O + V I D E O FYT Productions

    FYT consists of Christian O'Grady & Victoria Zegler.
  • A B O U T
    We've teamed up to produce a color spectrum still life collection in
    monochromes with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, & raw dry goods.

    We've started with green, as it is so lush & plentiful in late Winter even in Michigan. As we progress through this series I am looking forward to traveling to my favorite specialty shops & open-air farmers markets to find unique local varieties in vibrant & varying reds, yellows, whites, & beyond.

    Victoria photographed behind the scenes shots & stunning closeups, while Christian dabbled in capturing video & rigged the lighting to craft one polished still life image. I sourced & prepped the fresh components, as well as arranged them & it was oh so lovely to get my hands dirty again.
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