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    Kelly Meyer founded Teaching Gardens to teach children better nutrition. Since that first garden it has grown into something even bigger.
    One third of all U.S. children are overweight or obese as a result of poor nutrition. According to the LA Daily News, the nutrition deficiencies are so severe in South Central Los Angeles the life expectancy is 12 years less than in a more affluent community a mere 12 miles away. For Kelly, a child-nutrition activist, this staggering fact made her decide to fight back against this growing epidemic. Teaching Gardens and has since been adopted by the American Heart Association and has grown into a nationwide flourishing program. 
    To learn more about Teaching Gardens, go to heart.org/teachinggardens.
    Client: Ford Motor Company
    Art Director: Heather Miller
    Copywriter: Nick Allen
    Director: Cassidy Gearhart
    Production Company: The Public Record