Yacht Bar Sketch // Tutorial

  • Step One // Ideation

    Sketch a variety of quick, exploratory sketches to develop ideas and formulate a concept direction.
  • Step Two // CAD Package

    Build your chosen concept in 3D. Strive to capture a dramatic perspective, an interesting focal point, and emotional lighting.
  • Step Three // Underlay

    Place the screenshot on a fresh page to be used as an underlay. Be sure to scale and crop the image to achieve a dynamic composition.
  • Step Four // Linework

    Sketch over each element of the scene. Focus on using thick-to-thin lineweights to communicate depth and guide the eye to areas of interest.
  • Step Five // Areas of Interest

    Choose which elements of the concept you want to show off. Trace, select, and copy each shaded section onto its own layer.
  • Step Six // Base Color

    Select each of the components and adjust their base color. Each color should contribute to the concept’s overall color palette.
  • Step Seven // Materials

    Add texture, highlights, reflections, and details to further define each material.
  • Step Eight // Finishing Touches

    To communicate the concept’s scale, sketch in a person. Details such as decor and accent lighting can enhance the mood.
  • Step Nine // Callouts

    Add callouts to highlight concept features, and to supplement the sketch’s composition.