CommonCause Collective Branding and Copy ideation.

  • Belonging and worth.  Take each one of those and think about a child's development from birth to adulthood.
    Imagine as an infant, not belonging.  What would that look like? If your only lifeline to survival doesn't meet your basic needs you learn: to not have needs. Do that for both belonging and value (feelings of self worth) for each stage.
    Are they mutually exclusive?  How would one ever find their way in this world WITH God, much less without?
    Most people never pull themselves out of that cycle.  So tell me then, if no one steps in and points them to the reason they are here and who their worth should be placed in, how does it ever change?
    We are in a pivotal point in our society and culture. Belonging and worth have been attacked by a false doctrine of happiness, joy, success, purpose and calling. It's time for the Church and those creatives, social innovators, brand inventors, entrepreneurs, and activists have a serious discussion about how to
    re-introduced worth, belonging, purpose and meaning into the hearts and lives of those who are affected. It's a consistent theme that has showed up with a lot of adults, whose lives have been literally destroyed by the lies and deception of society and culture.
    Introducing the CommonCause Collective.  A movement of investors, designers, creators, restorers, social innovators, brand inventors, entrepreneurs, and activists, motivated by their faith to build organizations, movements, products, and brands of considerable cultural and societal impact..
    To us, CommonCause is more than a name, it’s a philosophy. One built on purpose and action toward a common purpose –to  bring evoking brands and innovative thinking together in a moment of awakening. When talents and passions intersect with God’s purposes. Our mission is to take these moments captive and use them as vessels of cultural transformation and restoration. It is this ethos that propels us to create experiences that bring fresh breath and life to the entire human condition.