DView Brand & App MockUp

  • DView is an augmented reality experience created by those that understand Detroit best. This app focuses users on the things they want to know quicker. We eliminate the need for multiple apps while still bringing you all that you need to know. From restaurant menus and ticket prices to historical information on the very ground you may be standing on, DView brings it right to you. This app is on the forefront of driving new ways for businesses to interact with the people around them by bringing the business directly to them. DView is the best way to see the city you love.
    We are taking aim at the tens of thousands of people that visit this city on a daily basis. People on the lookout for a good spot to eat, a fun event to attend, or cool places to check out.
    DView will be freely available in both the Android and iOS app stores. Once users download it, they can instantly use it to begin viewing the world around them. The goal, then, is to drive up the app's userbase through local advertising.
    This is something that is not only revolutionary within Detroit, it is something that also is unseen in the rest of the country as well as the world. Technology like this being launched quickly changes the public view of Detroit, revitalizing its lost sense of innovation.