Silk Pitch Bible - Characters

  • Logline:
    In a world of humans and monsters, Silk exists in between.
    In an upper class suburban town, Silk Babcock was born as a monster from human parents. His monstrous features: Four giant spider legs coming out from his back. After years of bullying from the human town, Silk got the spider legs surgically removed. While he hoped this would help him after high school, the prejudice stayed. Telling his plight to his long-distance friend Lucy, she had a proposition: Move to her town and live with her friend in need of a roommate. Little did she know he was a "human," and little did he know she was a dryad. This spells disaster for Silk's new roommate, a surly human-hating gorgon. Too ashamed to tell the truth of his species, Silk tries to find a way to live in this new town filled with monsters.