2016 Hagie DTS10

  • Based on feedback from customers, and the need for an updated middle-range sprayer in the lineup, Hagie underwent a full re-design of the DTS10. The original machine was well known for its capability, but it left much to be desired in the form of modern design and comfort. It was a great machine, but it appeared as a 'dinosaur', and needed an attitude to match its usefulness.
    Carey Lyn completed the design of the machine. I was responsible for surfacing the hood, as well as completing many digital renderings of the machine, some of which were used for marketing the all-new product. 
    The first three images show the original design of the machine. I included Carey's final orthographic views of the hood design, as they are what I used to surface the production hood. The rest of the images are a selection of renderings I completed in Keyshot.
    You can find more information about the machine at www.hagie.com.
  • Carey Lyn's final production orthographic drawing.
  • Final color break-up of the hood.