Class 8 Semi Truck Interior

  •   ATLAS
      The Largest Truck in its Class
  •    This was a sponsored studio project for the National Association for Surface and Finishing. The goal of this project was to design an interior for a class 8 semi-truck. The Atlas is the largest truck in its class. Designed specifically for race teams. From NASCAR to Snowcross this truck allows plenty of space for crews to hold meetings, sleep, or to just get away for awhile. The truck is designed with modern style and plenty of space and comfort. The front passenger seat is removed for easier ingress and egress of the vehicle. Two twin loft beds with a pull out chair to accommidate three comfortable sleeping spots. A full ribbon O.L.E.D. screen wraps around  the front dash which allows full customization for driver ergonomics and the ability to monitor live updates on current races.